Lawn Trimming and Edging

tree trimming tuscaloosa al

Trimming and Edging may not be the most important aspect of a healthy lawn, but it sure does make it look great! Having solid borders and edges with a level yard really makes the lawn “pop.” It shows the level of detail the home or business owner’s put into their work. Being a business owner, this alone could easily win a client over. Knowing you pay this close attention to the small detail in your companies lawn, it will give them that warm and fuzzy that you won’t skip any steps or cut any corners when providing them your service. Trimming and edging takes a lot of practice to make it beautiful. Not everyone can jump out there and actually do a great job. The key to trimming is having steady hands and keeping everything even. The same goes for edging, needing to keep the depth consistent and the lines straight. Our crew has had plenty of practice and we can ensure that every blade of grass on your property will be the same height and every line will be straight.

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