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Seeding is nothing more than spreading grass seeds on top of your already existing grass. You may ask why that is necessary? Due to the colder months or other variables, like where our animals decide to use the bathroom, could create dead spots of grass throughout your yard. By seeding in the springtime, dead spots will not have to be a thing you worry about! Come summer, your yard will be beautiful with a full green lawn. Even if you don’t have dead spots, seeding is still beneficial. It will make the grass grow that much thicker, making walking on it barefoot quite pleasant, all while choking out weeds and keeping the insects down. The two things that can ruin your yard very quick.


Fertilization is just as important as seeding, if not more. Fertilizing is putting nutrients in the ground for the grass to absorb, making it healthier. All soil is different, even throughout your yard. You may have some spots of soil that is healthy while other parts are not. The potassium or nitrogen levels may be unbalanced. By fertilizing, you are getting the levels in the soil just right, to help your grass grow healthy and thick, giving off that curb appeal that you want.

Not all fertilizers are the same, and all lawns require different approaches. Cut the worry and time out and let us determine what is right for you lawn to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

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