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Tuscaloosa Lawn Care

Tuscaloosa Lawn Care is a one stop shop for all of your lawn care services and needs. Just from a simple grass cut to the most extravagant landscaping designs, we offer it all!

When it comes to decorating houses, most of the attention is paid to the interior. How does this wall look? How’s this floor? But we all know that the first impression is a lasting impression. And the first impression is left by the first thing one sees. In the case of a house, it’s a lawn!

A beautiful, lush green garden or lawn is a staple of elegance and class. A lush green yard also provides a soothing touch when one is in distress. On the other hand, a lawn with patches of grass gone or dying plants and grass has the opposite effect. It deepens the frustration and can be discomforting to see.


Here’s where Tuscaloosa Lawn Care comes in. We’re a professional team of lawn loving people who will do the hard work for you. We strive to be one of the best lawn care companies in the area and will go above and beyond to please our customers. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the beauty without any worries.

For people looking for lawn or landscaping services in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas, we’re here to help. Below are some of the services offered that we provide. 

  • Fighting weeds: Weeds are a nuisance that no one likes to deal with. And they not only make the lawn ugly but also make the grass weak. That’s why we are providing weed removal services as part of our services. We will properly inspect and make sure that no weed grows in your lawn. If some unfortunate weed does grow in your lawn, we will make sure that it is thrown out before it gets a chance to grow. The weed will not cause any type of harm to your grass and the grass will grow without any interruption in its nutrition.
  • Defeating harmful insects and pest: Pests and insects are very harmful to any lawn. During summer, these tiny rascals can cause a lot of damage to the lawn and you may have to redo the whole lawn because of them. But you don’t have to worry because we are providing pest and insect control near you. We will make sure that these tiny creatures don’t get near even a blade of your lush green grass. You get to enjoy a completely pest and insect free lawn without any worries and tension.
  • Dealing with lawn disease: Diseases are the real deal. They come unannounced and leave a deep impact. Same can happen to your lawn if proper preventive measures are not taken. We will make sure that your lawn remains healthy even through the roughest seasons when your neighbor’s lawn has gotten a disease and died out. For some unfortunate reason, if your lawn gets in contact of a disease. We can handle that too!

We are providing our services in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas and would love the opportunity to make your lawn beautiful and a representative of your style. If you have any questions or need any kind of help regarding your lawn or garden, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily answer each one of your queries and provide you with the best solutions for your lawn. We look forward to making your lawn green! ​We proudly support other landscaping and lawn care businesses! -Big thanks to Bakersfield Lawn Care ,Tree Removal Geelong and Landscapers Santa Fe NM. These companies are full of knowledge and always willing to lend a hand to another small business.

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Residential and commercial maintenance

We care for lawns, no matter which type. If you have a residential lawn that needs to be taken care of, we’re here to help. We will make sure that the lawn makes your house look even more elegant and beautiful. We will make the garden suit your house and complement it in every possible manner. We also know the importance of a commercial lawn. It has to set a mood for visitors and provide a refreshing scenery to them. That’s why we are providing our lawn service for both residential and commercial lawns in Alabama.

Lawn seeding and fertilization

Seeding a lawn regularly is necessary if you want the lawn to keep it beautiful, healthy, and green. But who has time for that? Keeping that in mind, we’re providing lawn seeding and fertilization services in Tuscaloosa for those who are busy with their work and are unable to seed and fertilize their lawn on time. We will make sure that there are no empty patches and that the green looks beautiful, all year long. We won’t let your grass die of malnutrition either because of our fertilizing services.

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I found Tuscaloosa Lawn Care when searching for landscaping near me. The crew did an immaculate job with my landscaping needs. They were extremely professional and the work exceeded my expectation. I recommend their lawn care service to anyone in the market!

William B.

Lawn Care Tuscaloosa Alabama

Lawn Mowing

Something that many of us used to do in our leisure time. But now that leisure time is a luxury. And you don’t want to spend this valuable time without your family. Entrust Tuscaloosa Lawn care to take care of this for you. We will make your lawn even and trim every blade of grass so that it looks great from any distance. We’ve seen many lawns where the grass looks great from a distance but looks really disoriented from up close. We will make sure that every blade of grass is of the same length and looks pleasing to the eyes.

Trimming and Edging

Lawn isn’t all about grass. It has to have some beautiful plants too. And those plants need continuous care if you want them to enhance the charm of your garden. We will do the trimming of these plants for you so these plants look amazing and feel organized. We will make sure that no plant looks out of symmetry and compliments your lawn in every way.

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I hired Tuscaloosa Lawn Care for a one time project on a fix and flip I was working on involving mowing, trimming, edging, and a large landscape project. I was blown away by their craftsmanship and attention to detail to my yard. Because of that I now use Tuscaloosa Lawn Care for all of my projects. They truly are masters of their craft and provide the best lawn care Tuscaloosa has to offer.

Alejandro S.

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Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration is what most lawn owners forget when it comes to looking for lawn services. But this is a very critical part when it comes to caring for a lawn. Any lawn in general, and compact ones in specific need aeration to keep the grass healthy. Aeration helps in making drainage easier so that no excess water stays in the lawn. It also helps in keeping helpful microfauna and microflora by providing them with proper pathways for oxygen who in return help the grass and plants look and feel healthy.

Lawn winterizing

A crucial period for any lawn is during the fall season. This is the season which can make or break a lawn. Winter can be a harsh season for any lawn and if proper measures are not taken during the fall season, even a beautiful green lawn won’t survive the winter. In Game of Thrones, our protagonists “survived” the winter. But your lawn won’t, unless it gets prepared for it. We will give it the proper treatment it needs to survive and hopefully flourish during the winter season.​

Residential and Commercial Maintenance

I was in desperate need to find a reliable lawn service company near me that could take care of my lawn care needs bi weekly. Because of them, I have one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. Their seasonal color programs are absolutly stunning. Thanks Tuscaloosa Lawn Care for such a great experience.

Dianne S.

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Landscape design and installation

This is something that gives your lawn a class of its own. This is on everyone’s mind when someone talks of a beautiful and classy lawn. Tuscaloosa Lawn Care designs great landscapes to impress even the most stubborn people. That’s something that we think every lawn deserves!  We do know that these things can sometimes run out of budget. But don’t worry, we offer a variety of designs to meet your needs. You get to choose the design that best suits your style and is in your budget. We will make sure that there are no extra charges other than the agreed upon ones to save you from extra burden and worry.

Seasonal color programs

If you are a color person, we’ve got you covered. We will plant flowers of various colors best suited to your style and taste. There are so many colorful flowers, that you won’t be able to decide which one to choose and which one to leave. To top all of that, in each season, we will give you various combinations of flowers that will give your lawn a new vibe and feel. This can make any home or office really stand out compared to your neighbors!

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Residential and Commercial Maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Care is better than cure. This amply applies to lawns too. We will make sure that your garden is fit in every possible meaning of this word. The soil will be made suitable for the plants and the grass. Proper aeration will be done, and all the requirements will be met to make the lawn beautiful and prevent it from damage anytime in the future.

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If you have questions about lawn care in Tuscaloosa, make sure you pick up the phone today to call our company. Our friendly and caring team of lawn care expert are going to be able to discuss different aspects of the project with you. If you want to get a specific price quote and time estimate for the lawn care work that you need done, simply let us know. We can schedule a time to come by for a consultation.